2018 Pre-Trib Study Group Conference Papers

Dr. Randall Price

The Miracle of Israel at 70

Paper (docx)

Paper (PDF)

Slides (pptx) - 145 MB

Slides (PDF) - 28.7 MB


Mark Musser

The Final Solution as Nazi Eschatology

Slides (pptx) - 12.2 MB

Slides (PDF) - 8.2 MB


Dr. Paul Wilkinson

“Can These Bones Live?”—Holocaust Lessons from Le Chambon

Paper (docx)

Paper (PDF)


Johannes Vogel

From Hate to Love

Paper (docx)

Paper (PDF)

Slides (Mac Keynote) - 26 MB

Slides (pptx) - 21.2 MB

Slides (PDF) - 5 MB

Women Serving the Lord Worldwide (docx)


Dr. Mitch Glaser

Messianic Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto

Paper (docx)

Paper (PDF)

Slides (pptx) - 2.7 MB

Slides (PDF) - 1.3 MB


Dr. Jeffrey Dickson

The Coming Lamb: John's Apolalyptic Introduction to Christ and its Eschatological Implications

Outline (docx)

Outline (PDF)

Paper (docx)

Paper (PDF)

Slides (pptx) - 7.4 MB

Slides (PDF) - 1.4 MB


Olivier Melnick

Modern Jewish History: From Never Again to Over Again!

Slides with video (pptx) - 290 MB

Slides without video (pptx) - 22 MB

Slides (PDF) - 3.5 MB


Dr. Michael Rydelnik

Faith After Auschwitz

Slides (PDF) - 1 MB 


Dr. Mike Stallard

Why the World Hates the Jews

Paper (docx)

Paper (PDF)


Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum

When Your Face was Your Destiny