2020 Pre-Trib Study Group

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Each 2020 DVD Set/CD Includes 12 Sessions

Ray Mondragon—Making Science Great Again: The Biblical and Dispensational Foundation for Science

Tim Chaffey—Fallen: The Sons of God and the Nephilim

George Gunn—End-Times Apostasy and the New Apostolic Reformation

Scott Aniol—Polishing Brass on a Sinking Ship: Toward a Traditional Dispensational Philosophy of the Church and Cultural Engagement

Erwin Lutzer—Banquet Presentation

Don Perkins—Devotional Message

Cory Marsh—Discovering Dispensationalism: Tracing the Development of Dispensational Thought from the First through the Twenty-First Century

James Fazio—Discovering Dispensationalism: Connecting Dispensational Thought From the New Testament to Darby

Mark Hitchcock—Corona Crisis: Plagues, Pandemics, and the Coming Apocalypse

Bill Koenig—Discussion of Current Events

David Reagan— The Greatest Event of the 20th Century

Andy Woods— Babylon in Bible Prophecy