Passage: Revelation 5
Duration: 1 hr 10 mins 43 secs
Revelation 5 continues the chapter 4’s scene of the heavenly court. Despite the heavenly setting, the passage starts with a scene of despair (vv 1-4). Revelation 5:1 mentions an unusual scroll, an opisthograph (a scroll written on both sides).[1] John perceives the futility of the search for someone worthy to take and to break its seals. He weeps, until learning that Jesus is worthy...
Passage: Daniel 7:1-28
Daniel 7 has been a battleground between traditional Dispensationalists and other theological systems. Much of the conflict results from not dealing with the chapter’s internal chronological indicators. This paper will consider the chronological placement of each verse inductively after answering an upper-level outlining issue: How much of the chapter was envisioned.