2023 Pre-Trib Study Group Conference Presentations

Answering the Critics

December 4–6, 2024

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  Speaker Title Links
  Dr. Andy Woods A Critique of the Pre-Wrath Rapture View Video   Audio
  Dr. Randall Price How Can Dispensationalists Believe in the Literal Fulfillment of Ezekiel’s Temple? Video   Audio
  Dr. Jordan Ballard A Case for the Pretribulational Rapture of the Church Video   Audio
  Dr. Mike Vlach Hermeneutics of Non-Dispensationalism Video   Audio
  Jeff Kinley 2023 Banquet Presentation: Jesus Christ: Hero for the Ages.
Music by Shawn Crane.
Video   Audio
  Dr. Bryan Blank Devotional Message Video   Audio
  Dr. J. B. Hixson Spirit of the False Prophet: Rise of the Global Technocracy Video   Audio
  Lee Brainard More Pre-Darby Rapture Finds throughout Church History Video   Audio
  Olivier Melnick The Normalization of Antisemitism: The Longest Hatred Becomes the New Normal Video   Audio 
  Jesse Randolph Exegetical and Pastoral Insights into the Future-Oriented Prophecies in Hosea Video   Audio
  Bill Koenig Discussion of Current Events - Part 1
Discussion of Current Events - Part 2
  Dr. David Reagan My Pilgrimage to a Premillennial Viewpoint Video   Audio
  Dr. Randall Price
  Dr. J. B. Hixson
  Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum
  Dr. Tim Signler
Expert Panel Discussion on the Situation in Israel Video   Audio